What books are we looking for?

What books are we looking for?

27. September 2018 Off By administrator

Perihelion is now open for submissions- but what are we looking for in books, and why do we work with submissions? A little guide for writers.

Does Perihelion Books accept unsolicted submissions?

Yes, we currently do. As a young and new publisher, we are not only looking for established, but also for new and upcoming authors. You will see on our Submissions site whether we are currently open for submissions or not.

What kind of books are you looking for?

As you might have noticed, we’re a publisher dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, and related genres, like horror or mystery. Therefore, we will only accept submissions that fit these genres. Your book must meet one of those genres. It would be futile sending us your manuscript for a love story, or a book about making cookies.

Can you just say what genres you accept?

There are so many subgenres in science fiction that you can choose from a lot of genres. Note that we accept adult and YA, but no children’s books. We are looking for science fiction (everything from dystopia to steampunk), space opera, fantasy (everything from urban to contemporary and high fantasy), horror, and mystery. If you are not sure whether your book would fit, send it to us anyway.





Do you accept proposals for non-fiction books?

We will accept proposals for non-fiction books soon, as long as they are related to science, astronomy, technology, and futuristic subjects. We do currently not accept manuscripts outside that range. If you have a project you think we might be interested in, send us your submission here.

Note that your book has to be about a real subject in science. We do not accept any non-fiction submissions for pseudo science books.

How long do I have to wait until you get back at me?

It depends on how many submissions we receive. We read all submissions sent to us, however, we are not able to give individual feedbacks if we’re not interested. Please don’t call to ask about the status of your submission. We will contact you if we’re interested.

Who reads my submission?

We’re glad you’ve asked! We have developed (and are still developing) a team of curators that will read your submission, each of them an expert in their genre. We are convinced that this new kind of reading submissions is a fair, and modern approach, which will also give first time authors a chance to have their book read.