New! Aquatropolis

New! Aquatropolis

15. December 2019 Off By Beryl


By Á. Wen

science fiction, space opera

We’re proud to announce „Aquatropolis – The Two Queens“, an immersive science fiction novel about a futuristic mega-city, and about how the hunger for power can corrupt entire civilizations.

The city of Aquatropolis is the New York of the planet, the London of the confederation, the most powerful city of the Realm.

The one that rules Aquatropolis rules the planet of Osiris B-1, and every planet within its grasp.

While every force in the Realm schemes for their opportunity to take control over the monster of a city that could give them illimitable power, the ways of three humans meet, their fates intertwined by the “Water-town”, seeking their part in the emerging war for the predominance of Aquatropolis.

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