New release! Terre Rouge

New release! Terre Rouge

15. December 2019 Off By Beryl

Terre Rouge

By Robert E. Hastings

Science fiction, futuristic science fiction


We’re proud to announce that the new futuristic science fiction novel „Terre Rouge“ is now available! This immersive, well-researched novel will take you to a future Mars colonization- and what it could mean to mankind.

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Earth is dying. Space expansion is vital for the survival of the human species, and the Mars colony is the first crucial step. Failure is not an option, and the Earth Union will do anything to ensure its success, regardless of the cost.

Crofton “Hobie” McCullough is an extreme example of humanity’s total reliance upon technology. Despite his perceived agoraphobia, he finds himself thrust into a battle for survival and must confront not only the dangers within the Badlands, a treacherous and vast desert wasteland, but his own personal demons as well.

After Bake Turner, brother of Hobie’s unrequited love Paige, goes missing in the Badlands and is presumed dead, a cataclysmic solar event causes the city of Terre Rouge’s dome to fail, leaving the Mars colony exposed and vulnerable. The EU suspects sabotage, but was it an act of terrorism?

Venturing into the Badlands despite his condition, Hobie puts his life on the line to protect Paige from the numerous dangers lurking there, including the savage Feralsseeking answers while also hoping to win her love.

Meanwhile, the EU has launched an assault to not only put down the terrorist rebellion and save the Mars colony and mankind’s future, but to totally annihilate those responsible.

But, at what expense, and will Hobie and his group be caught in the crossfire?

Terre Rouge is now available. Email info (a) to order.