About us

About us


Who we are

Perihelion Books is a science fiction & fantasy publisher made by authors – for authors. It was created by a team of authors, writers, publishers, journalists, and other people from the creative industry, who all share a passion for science fiction and fantasy.

Our submissions are reviewed by a team of curators that we handpick, who share our passion and are working together to find the best stories. We are positive that this is a modern and fair approach, as it gives authors a chance to have their submission reviewed by a team who will decide if they are interested in your book, instead of having to submit to one person, or not knowing who they submit to at all.

We seek to be a publisher that supports authors, and to create a community for our authors.

What we publish

Genres we will publish include science fiction, space opera, fantasy, and horror. In non-fiction, the genres we are interested in include science, economy, travel, and art. Please visit our submissions page for more.

We want to publish curated books, and books that will stand out. We are very selective in what we publish, but the authors we work with become part of a community.

Our covers

Books are art. Not only because they take us into different worlds, but also because they look beautiful. This is why the covers of our books are important to us, and we work with artists to make sure that our books get the covers they deserve.

Some of the cover art for our books is being made by Marlene Kern Design, Creative Agency Munich