By Á. Wen

The city of Aquatropolis is the New York of the planet, the London of the confederation, the most powerful city of the Realm.

The one that rules Aquatropolis rules the planet of Osiris B-1, and every planet within its grasp.

While every force in the Realm schemes for their opportunity to take control over the monster of a city that could give them illimitable power, the ways of three humans meet, their fates intertwined by the “Water-town”, seeking their part in the emerging war for the predominance of Aquatropolis.

What the book is about, by Á. Wen

“This book is all about the binary—Order and corruption. We encounter this theme in the title, in the story, in the plot. There are two suns, two queens, one of which always represents the counterpart of the other.

While the plot revolves around the city of Aquatropolis, and the forces that try to take control of it, the city itself is neither evil nor good, and it’s the blinding glitter of what the city contains that devours the people that seek to gain more power within its reach.

The story emerged from the question of what a highly developed, futuristic civilization could look like, what our civilization could look like. Aquatropolis managed to withstand floods and erosion, over hundreds of thousands of years, partly submerged, partly floating on artificial islands. What fascinated me is the direct glance into the future of a city, and how it could withstand perils such as floods.

Another element of the story is the hunger for power, and the question whether a city such as the one in Morus’ “Utopia”, a central influence and inspiration for “Aquatropolis”, could be possible, or if our own human nature—our hunger for power—could stand in the way of such a development in the future.“

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Aquatropolis- an extract

AQUATROPOLIS – an introduction by Dr Alexandros Glykos

Aquatropolis is the most powerful city on the planet of Osiris B-1, which its citizens know as Íphael, the “Fourth Planet”. It had been erected on an isle, and grown so large that it swallowed every other city nearby, and crawled on until it met the coast, where the salt flats are lying. The city had consumed isles, coasts, and entire cities on its way to become the largest settlement the planet had ever seen. It now sits on the largest land-tongue of Palania, supported by isles, reclaimed land, salt flats, and in some districts, it is entirely submerged. Who lives where in this giant city has always been determined by many influences. The districts that are submerged, at the outskirts of the city, had been the parts of the city were only the less affluent could be found; then, during a short period, this had changed and the districts under water had suddenly become the most precious and sought after of the districts.

There are claims that whoever controls Aquatropolis, controls the planet, and given the baffling size and reach of the city, one might not doubt that this gathering of buildings that protrude from the sea can actually become a powerful weapon in the hands of those that are seeking power.

The Palanians call their city ‘Mexalapan’, ‘water city’, a name the city was given after it conquered the sea and crawled over the rims of its isle towards the coast. As a city, the Palanians believe that their capital has evolved in a way that otherwise only living organisms would be able to. The city had not only grown past the boundaries of its isle where it had been built, hundreds of thousands of years of floods and erosion had not managed to stop the settlement in its journey, either. The floods and the inclement storms that are caused by the three Íphaelian moons could no longer threaten the city. A settlement that floated on the water, with districts that were even submerged, did not need to fear floods. It did not need to be concerned about fire, either, since there was so much water that hardly any district had ever been burning. The erosion and the salt that tore at the coastlines could not affect the districts that were submerged, or the platforms on which the rest of the city had been fastened.

This is how the capital had managed to grow so large that it had gulped down entire regions of Palania before settling were it stands now.

They say there exists no good and malice in Aquatropolis. Only progress, and the power it has over the rest of the Realm.

The city is the cultural and political melting pot not only of Šelšaia, the region in which Aquatropolis lies, but also of Palania, and the entire Realm.

You can see the city from above when you fly over Palania. After you have soared over the salt flats of Šelšaia for hours, you can perceive the glittering and gleaming of the city, the ominous glowing from under the water, the myriads of isles and platforms, all woven together by the roads of the giant city, dappled in the lights from the buildings of nearly a billion citizens.

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What the book is about, by A. Wen