How to become a curator

How to become a curator

Our curators are all passionate about the genres they curate, and are all from the creative industry.

They work together to decide whether a book could fit in our collection or not.

What does it take to become a curator?

First, you have to be passionate about the genres (some of the genres) that we curate. If you only read romance, it may not be the right thing for you.

We expect that our curators like to read, and that they write themselves, this can be a blog, books, reviews, or being a journalist. If you do not have any writing credentials, we expect you to be passionate about the genres you would like to curate, and to have a feeling for stories. If you’d like to be a curator for art, being an artist may make you eligible to work as a curator even if you do not write.

Can you be an author and a curator?

Our curators usually do not work with our authors, however, sometimes we may make on of our authors a curator if they show that they have the potential to be one, and are passionate about a genre.

Can you be a curator for several genres?

Of course! Most of our curators are interested in several genres. We only expect from you that you know what you’re talking about within your genre.

What do the curators do?

Our curators review submissions and use their connections to curate books. Some of our curators voluntarily contribute articles, support, or support our authors. We have a policy at PerihelionBooks that means if you do more than you are supposed to, it will get noted and you will be rewarded. This is how authors that contribute can be made curators, too. We count on people that are passionate and ambitious.

Do curators get paid if an author is signed?

If you look for a job that will pay you without you having to do too much, you probably should move on. Our curators only get paid when the submission they have reviewed is approved by the team and accepted by the publisher.

However, we regularly offer rewards such as discounts on books and merchandise, invitations to readings and fairs, and access to our community for our curators.

I want to become a curator!

If you think you have what it takes to join our team of curators, drop us an email at submissions (a) Please include

– your name, contact details (so we can contact you if we’re interested)

– something about your background, why you are interested in becoming a curator, and what genres you’d like to curate.

– any writing credentials you may have. If you do not have any, explain why you think you could be a curator for the genre

– your favourite books, and what kind of books you would like to read

– your social media links, if available

Please note that some genres have more curators than others, which means that the number of curators may be limited. The Curators Team does have the final say as to if they you will fit in their team.

We are looking forward to hear from you!